We have our "youth" meetings on Friday evenings, we start at 6. We enjoy spending time together, chatting, thinking about the way Jesus inspires our lives, having amazing food and fun. We usually finish at 9.

Sometimes we do sports, go for various trips and barbecue, spend a couple of days on a cottage in the mountains, and we make an effort to practicly help other people and show God´s love. 



Jesus Christ has entered our lives and we would like to be witnesses of this biggest miracle of our life.

We strive to live life with the real purpose.

We enjoy joking and fun.


Can I come as well?

Everybody who is at the age 15 - 23 is welcome.. This is the only requirement  : )


We are not a closed-up group, on the contrary, we will be happy when you come!


All the program is interpreted into English




+ 420 734 369 292

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