This church is one of many belonging to the Apostolic Church of the Czech Republic, which has been part of our country's history for more than a hundred years. The Apostolic Church has been officially recognized as a church since 1989, and it is part of the Pentecostal movement. 

We do not consider ourselves to be the only "right" church, but one of many churches that God can use for the salvation of people. We try to maintain friendly relations with other churches in our region. We consider the Holy Scripture, the Bible, to be a God-inspired word revealed to people and the norm according to which we want to live and build our church.

This church was established in 2004 by a small group of Christians, who have been meeting here since 1985.

Our calling

We believe that God wants all people to be saved and acquire verity. We want to participate in fulfilling God's purpose for this country, the city of Ostrava and for the people who live here.

Our values

  • We want to be a church for all generations
  • We respect everyone and try to understand their problems.
  • We constantly want to seek God´s guidance in our lives.
  • We want to experience the presence of God and his work among us.
  • We want to enable people to grow in their service while having different spiritual gifts.
  • We do not tolerate evil among us.
  • We want to perceive the missionary needs of our city, surrounding region and other countries and respond to them.