Youth ministry

When: every Friday 6 p.m. – 9 p.m.

Where: street Palackého 25, Ostrava- Přívoz (It might sometimes change so if possible ask beforehand). 

Contact: Youth leader: Marek Sikora

Tel.: +420 734 369 292



We meet at 6 p.m. on Friday on a regular basis. We love to spend time together doing all kinds of activities. We think about the way how Jesus inspires our lives, and we enjoy some great food and fun. Usually, we tend to finish around 9 p.m.

Sometimes we go outside and participate in some sports activities, organize different trips or other events, such as a barbecue. Also, we enjoy going to a cottage every year for several days. We are practically trying to help other people and manifest Gods love.



Jesus Christ entered our lives, and we want to be witnesses of the greatest miracle that has ever happened in our life. We are trying to live a life which is real and has a purpose. We love fun and enjoyment.

Can I come too?

Yes, if you are older than 14 years. This is the only requirement. :-)


We are not a private group and so, on the contrary, we will be pleased if you come!

Our logo

"The logo represents the youth´s priorities and main focus. The circle and its content symbolize our youth. The circle in the middle embodies Jesus Christ, who dwells within our center. Lastly, the open space in the outer ring are the doors opened so that new people can come to our youth.

Lately our name has been changed to "Ostrava CORE", which means the "base/core". A thought was like in Jesus we can name ourselves as the christian core of Ostrava city."

Petr Janečka